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Protect your cubicles, and in particular your staff and buildings against the negative consequences of an internal arc. The integrated Arc-Killer extinguishes an arc in less than 50 ms.

The DF-2+ is equipped with the Arc-Killer SV25, which detects an internal arc and extinguishes it. The Arc-Killer extinguishes the arc by guiding it to a metallic grounded short circuit. The arc is extinguishes in less than 50 ms.

KEMA tested according IAC: B, FLR 20 kA 1 s. This solution is patented.

The DF-2+ is a metal enclosed equipment of the type DF-2, combined with a gas exhaust duct on the rear side of the cubicle. This duct absorbs the gases (in the case of an internal arc) that escapes through the arc venting shields. It reduces the expansion of the gases in the room to a negligible minimum. The cubicles of the DF-2+ range offers a protection against the internal arc classification IAC category B, FLR 20 kA 1s (F= frontal, L= lateral, R=rear)

Thus the operator is protected from the negative consequences of an internal arc, wherever het stays in the front, on the side or on the rear of the cubicle.

The patented SV-25 Arc-Killer of SGC nv SwitchGear Company is going further in the field of safety. Not only the surrounding and the operator are fully protected, but thanks to the rapid extinguishing of the arc, the cubicles, in case of a fault, can be quickly put back into operation. Moreover, the additional security means that the requirements to the installation room are less stringent. The Arc-Killer combines security and reliability with flexibility to the installation room requirements.

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