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ROTOBLOK units are two-compartment, metal-clad switchgear cubicles for indoor installation with enclosures made from zinc-aluminium sheets ensuring electrical continuity of equipotential bonding and featuring a single system of primary busbars. The switchgear is equipped with advanced air insulated switchgear apparatus. A unit consists of the following compartments: primary busbars and cables, while arc-proof design ensures excellent operator safety.

ROTOBLOK distribution bays have the following properties
    • Small internal dimensions considering rated voltage, defined insulation level, primary busbars rated current and fault currents (bay width is 700 mm at the rated voltage of 24 kV)
    • Two-compartment bays design allowing separation of primary busbars from the compartment containing power cable connections
    • High reliability
    • Long continuous operation without the need of performing any maintenance thanks to application of advanced operating mechanisms and copper busbar connections
    • High corrosion resistance -- switchgear unit structure is made from sheets protected with a layer of zinc-aluminium alloy
    • High versatility in designing different switchgear configurations with any number of bays
    • Application of advanced and highly reliable switchgear apparatus including the switch-disconnectors and GTR type disconnectors
    • Option of wall mounting helps utilise the space available in the distribution room in the best possible way, which is of paramount importance during modernisation and expansion of existing facilities
High operator safety achieved through
    • Arc-proof design, resistance to the effects of internal arcing
    • Reinforced bay structure (enclosures, locks, hinges)
    • Mechanical interlocks preventing incorrect switching procedures and making it impossible to touch the live apparatus
    • Access to control gear and control circuits is only possible when touching of primary circuits is prevented
    • Application of monitoring circuits, signalling, mechanical and electronic position indicators, inspection windows allowing visual inspection of position of movable parts
    • Option of disconnecting the switch-disconnector without an operating lever.
The switchgear is designed for operation in a continental climate and may be installed in the following service conditions

1 maximum altitude
    • Installation 1000 m above sea level - certified by the Electrotechnical Institute (certificate number IEL/LAR/319/2000) for installation of switchgear at altitudes exceeding 1000 meters above sea level (seechart number 1)

      2 Ambient temperature

    • Peak temperature +50oC (323 K)
    • Highest daily average +35oC (308 K)
    • Highest annua average +20oC (293 K)
    • Lowest prevailing -5oC

      3 relative air humidity the temperature of +400C (313 K)

    • during start-up max 80%
    • When deenergised or during normal operation max 95%
    • Highest monthly average 90%
    • Highest daily vapour pressure average 2,2 kPa
    • Highest monthly vapour pressure average 1,8 kPa

      4 environmental cleanliness

    • Minimum or no: dust, smoke, salt, flammable or corrosive vaporous and gases

      5 vibration due to external factors or minimum earthquakes

    • Chart No 1 k=f(H)
Compliance with standards

ROTOBLOK switchgear cubicles meet the requirements of the following standards
    • PN-EN 60694:2004 - Common specifications for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear standards
    • PN-EN 62271-200:2007 - High-voltage switchgear and controlgear. –Part 200: AC metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV
    • PN-EN 62271-105:2005 - High-voltage switchgear and controlgear. –Part 105: Alternating current switch-fuse combinations
    • PN-E-05115:2002 - Power installations exceeding 1 kV AC
    Certified by the Electrotechnical Institute and the Institute of Power Engineering

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